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S.E. Miss Pogany RDH

S.E. Miss Pogany Norsk Breeders Trophy 2016

S.E. Miss Pogany Norsk Breeders Trophy 2016

Mare born 2010
Norwegian Warmblood (NWB) / RDH Danish Warmblood (DWB)

Diarado Diamant de Semilly Le Tot de Semilly
Venise des Cresles
Roxette I Corrado I
Kimberly III
Concordia Corland Cor de la Bryere
Afrodite Lavallo

DSC_5029SE_Miss_PoganyS.E. Miss Pogany is the first offspring by Diarado in Norway. She was runner up at the biggest foal show in Norway, with 9 in overall impression by the judges from Danish Warmblood (DWB). She was graded DH in 2013, and received her R for sports results in 2016 based on very good results from the sport.

Sadly, her injury from when she was two years old came back after a remarkable sport career and now we are counting on her as our next broodmare for the years to come.