• S.E. Estelle / Favorit Ask / Crelido / S.E. Chloé / Eliteskuet / Årets Hoppe / Norsk Varmblod / Sandra Corell / Nils Jamne / Stutteri Eken

S.E. Estelle «Mare of the year»


S.E. Estelle (Favorit Ask x Crelido x Corland) received the highest marks among the mares throughout the whole season in Norwegian Warmblood Association and was crowned the honorable title of «Mare of the year» at the national finals in October. 

  • S.E. Estelle / KOHS / Stutteri Eken / Åse-Berit Jamne / Favorit Ask / Crelido / Corland / Sandra Corell

S.E. Estelle placed CSI2* KOHS


Last week Sandra Corell and S.E. Estelle competed at the biggest horse show in Norway, Kingsland Oslo Horse Show - host of the first leg of the FEI Longines World Cup. Such an exciting moment for a small scale breeder - thank you!

  • Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve / Carina / Larino / Casco / Stutteri Eken

Confirmed pregnancies 2023


It's no secret that we are truly excited about next year's combinations.