S.E. Estelle / Favorit Ask / Crelido / S.E. Chloé / Eliteskuet / Årets Hoppe / Norsk Varmblod / Sandra Corell / Nils Jamne / Stutteri Eken

S.E. Estelle (Favorit Ask x Crelido x Corland) received the highest marks among the mares throughout the whole season in Norwegian Warmblood Association and was crowned the honorable title of «Mare of the year» at the national finals in October.

This title means a lot to us, and we are thankful for all the offspring brought to us by our foundation mare, Concordia RDH (elite by Corland x Lavallo). A big thank you to Sandra Corell and her family for giving Estelle every possibility to excel in sport, and for taking the time to bring her to the shows this season.